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What is Azee 250mg?


Azee 250 mg (azithromycin) may be a macrolide antibiotic that stops microorganisms from multiplying and reproducing by meddling with their supermolecule synthesis. These medications are wont to treat or stop microorganism infections of varied varieties.

 it’s one of the foremost extensively used antibiotics in the world, and other people of all ages tolerate it well.


 Azithromycin is barely economical against some microorganisms and is ineffective against microorganism diseases.

How will Azee 250mg work?


Antibiotics are contained in Azee 250mg pills. It acts by inhibiting the creation of crucial proteins that microorganisms need to perform properly. This stops microorganisms from multiplying and infection from spreading.


What are the foremost effective thanks to taking Azee 250mg?


Take this medication as directed by your doctor, each in terms of dose and period . The Azee 250mg pill may be in love or while not food, though it works best if taken frequently.


Bad Impact


Azee 250 pill is an Associate in Nursing antibiotic wont to treat staphylococcus infections of the tract, ear, nose, throat, lungs, skin, and eyes in adults and kids. it’s additionally wont to treat infectious diseases and several other sexually transmitted infections like a social disease.


Azee 250 Tablets ought to be taken Associate in Nursing hour before or when a meal. It ought to be used frequently, at equally spaced periods, as directed by your doctor. even though you’re feeling higher, make certain you do not miss any doses and end the whole variety of medical aid. If you withdraw therapies timely, the infection might come back or worsen.


Here are some facet effects:-


  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea
  • Pain within the abdomen
  • Urination that’s tough or uncomfortable
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Skin that’s dry or scaly
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Stomach acid or sourness


Excessive air or gas within the abdomen Aggression or rage

Azee 250 MG dose




Overdose symptoms embody nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and hearing disorder. If you’re thinking that you’ve taken too several Azee 250 tablets, ask for medical facilities.


If lost a dose


Failure to require your antibiotic drugs on time may result in treatment failure and unhealthy progression. If you forget to require an Associate in Nursing Azee 250 pill, take it as shortly as doable. If your next dose is developing shortly, skip the lost dose and start your regular dosing schedule.



Azee 250 MG Precautions and Warnings


Is it safe to require Azee 250 tablets once pregnant?


Because there’s the least info regarding the protection of Azee 250 tablets throughout the physiological state, you ought to talk it over with your doctor before mistreatment them. If it’s needed, your doctor can impose this medication when considering the benefits against the hazards.

 am I able to drive when taking the Associate in Nursing Azee 250 tablet? If you’ve got any negative effects, like symptoms or fits, you ought to not drive or operate machinery. Consult your knowledgeable health professional for a lot of facts.


Azee 250 MG Directions to be used


  • Azee 250 pills ought to be taken in line with your doctor’s directions.
  • With a glass of water, swallow it whole. The drug shouldn’t be sliced, broken, or chew like a change of state gum.
  • To reach the desired results, you ought to take it for a collection amount.
  • You should not exceed the dose given by your doctor. 
  • Follow your doctor’s directions for taking this antibiotic prescription. 
  • Azee 250 MG storage and disposal
  • Store Azee 250 pills ought to be held on at temperature, out of direct daylight and warmth.
  • Make sure it’s out of reach of minors and dogs.
  • Make further vital positive that any medication that hasn’t been used or disposed of properly.


It is to not be flushed or thrown within the receptacle.




If you’ve got forgotten the dose, take it as shortly as you keep it in mind. don’t omit drugs as a result of you may not be able to cure the inflammation appropriately if you are doing. It can even grow and unfold to different components of your body. don’t exceed the counseled dose of Azee 250mg (Azithromycin). you’ll expertise a range of facet effects if you are doing, therefore. The medication isn’t safe for pregnant girls or those that are breastfeeding. as a result Azee 250mg (Azithromycin) will cause symptoms, don’t drive when taking it. If you’ve got a cardiopathy, disease, renal disorder, or different health issues, don’t take a dose while not initially consulting your doctor.




I become recognized with a streptococcal sore throat. The contamination went away on day 3, however, arrived once more as quickly as I took my closing dose. The contamination has just about affected the other aspect of my mouth and gotten worse. I become given the 2nd prescription. However, on my initial dose, I’m speculated to take 2, I’m on my 2nd prescription and currently now not get any higher if currently now not worse. I take into account that strep has got to grow to be immune. the best motive I’m taking is that the truth is I’m allergic to Amoxil.

                                                                                                  — By John — 


It did assist from the first dose which could be a double dose on day one. And it triggered higher belly pain, horrific from time to time. symptom and orange stools as properly. aside from that, it labored unusually for my intense sinus contamination. I even have had Z-packs for years. continually labored unusually. generally may desire a 2nd spherical of it even to knock out the contamination.

                                                                                                                 — By jazz musician — 


I had a very horrific contamination/abscess in my jaw. when four days of hoping it’d depart on that is own, it began to unfold and become merely evolving into further than solely a painful symptom. My medical doctor prescribed Azithromycin 250 – a five-day pack. when the first day(2-250 tabs) I have to be compelled to expertise the symptom shrinking and when my closing dose, the contamination becomes nearly clear. By the second day when finishing the routine, the symptom becomes gone. It labored unusually on behalf of me and there had been no aspect consequences to speak of, not one amongst the organic process misery some oldsters have complained regarding. Semi-Pro tip: a vegetarian/vegan intake regime will wonder to your organic process gizmo and your standard properly-being.


   — By Sophia — 




Q.1)I’m sick with a fever, Is it okay if I take one Azee 250 tablet?

It is an Associate in Nursing antibiotic that’s ineffective in the treatment of generalized fever. It is, however, wont to treat enteric or infectious diseases caused by a microorganism infection known as enterics.


Q.2)Can I exploit Azee 250 to treat my pimples?

No, it doesn’t facilitate the management of pimples or skin problems. Size 250 is an Associate in Nursing antibiotic that ought to not be taken unless necessary.


Q.3)Is Azee 250 utilized in the cold?

Azee 250 pill 6’s don’t treat infective agent infections like influenza or communicable disease. Azee 250 pill half-dozen ought to solely be taken if your doctor has prescribed it. It may be crazy or not food, however, it’s best if taken at a selected time.


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