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 What is the silvitra 120 mg?

The mix of vardenafil and sildenafil citrate facilitates an increase in the blood go with flow inside the penis veins to expand an erection and also allows to enhance the performance. Its consequences can close for around five hours. The drugs may be used frequently once consistent with day, or can also be used 30-60 mins earlier than related to the sexual hobby. It’s far crucial to take into account that the drugs only work while one is sexually stimulated. Please seek advice from your medical doctor for the fine instructions for the use of this medicine.

 How it works

Silvitra 120 mg includes two energetic components sildenafil and vardenafil. Sildenafil inhibits phosphodiesterase kind five, which degrades cGMP inside the bloodstream. CGMP is accountable for increasing the flow of blood to precise body organs. The improved blood glide due to the extended series of cgmp by means of sildenafil is what makes the penis erect. And vardenafil helps to improve stamina with the aid of preserving the blood float. How to 

Use of  silvitra 120 mg capsules

Take it orally with the help of water. Do now not crush, bite, or strive to break the drugs into pieces. Do no longer consume it extra than as soon as in 24 hours. Comply with the medical doctor’s recommendation for the safest revel in.


Allow with erectile disorder, a circumstance wherein a man is unable to get or preserve an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

 Matters to attend to

Do not use this remedy extra than as soon as in 24 hours. Make certain you are not allergic to sildenafil citrate and vardenafil earlier than using this remedy. The medication is strictly for guys simplest. Bear in mind to consult your medical doctor before the usage of this product. Do no longer operate heavy equipment after taking this medicinal drug. Do not eat this if you are much less than 18 years of age. Ensure you aren’t affected by any fitness hassle that gets worse after the use of this medication. 


If you have no earlier experience with the use of this medicinal drug before, we endorse beginning with a low dosage. You can grow your dosage later as a way to discover your perfect dosage. It is essential to discuss with a doctor for first-class directions.

 Overlooked doses

The possibility of lacking a dose is unlikely as this medicinal drug is taken as and when wished (on-demand basis).


You’re likely to face facet results if you have overdosed. If you revel in excessive side results, are seeking scientific help at once.

 Aspect results

Although most facet outcomes of this medication do not require any unique scientific interest, make certain you are searching for assistance immediately if you enjoy unfavorable aspects of consequences.

  •  Nausea
  • fainting
  • arm pain 
  • frame ache 
  • coronary heart pressure
  • imaginative and prescient issues
  • dizziness
  • ringing within the ears
  • seizures
  • rash 

Drug interactions

Silvitra 120 mg is known to interact with positive drugs. The subsequent consists of a listing of medications that might be recognized to engage with silvitra.

  •       alpha-blockers, inclusive of doxazosin, tamsulosin
  •       riociguat
  •       isosorbide, nitroglycerin
  •       azole antifungals
  •       clarithromycin
  •       erythromycin
  •       HIV protease inhibitors
  •       hepatitis c virus protease inhibitors
  •       macrolide antibiotics

    similar medicines for impotence, including tadalafil. The above-noted capsules should not be taken into consideration as a whole listing of drug interactions. If you take any natural, otc, recreational, or every other pill, seek advice from your health practitioner before taking this medicinal drug.

 Interaction with alcohol

Consult your physician earlier than the usage of this drug with alcohol. Ingesting alcohol with silvitra 120 mg can increase the danger of aspect consequences. Garage commands

comply with those garage tips to maintain the capsules powerful and intact for a longer time-

keep the tablets of their original packaging when not in use.

 Hold them away from damp and direct daylight (the toilet cabinet isn’t always an appropriate place). The place should be within the everyday room temperature variety, i. E., fifty-nine–86° f or 15–30° c. Hold them past the attain of kids and pets. Do not devour beyond the expiry date. Take away the discarded pills and empty the packaging in an appropriate way. Do no longer flush them for your lavatory.

Purchase silvitra 120mg online

There are cases that now not all men tend to broaden self-belief when they go through the ed. They may be disadvantaged by the treatment and as a result, be with the condition existence-long, that is what makes their lifestyles and relations die upon.

 If so, now men have no greater need to feel shy as the safe-generic pharmacy is one of the famed online pharmacies that provide the dosage of silvitra one 100 twenty mg online. So you can take the respective medicinal drug online at a low-priced charge. 

All you need is to test our website and take the respective ed pill. While there had been research made then there are around 1 out of 10 guys were determined to be associated with ed or impotence. In that case, when you have the medicine to be had then why go through, impotence is one such problem that can ruin lives and relationships so guys must cope with that.

 You should buy silvitra online. Silvitra 120mg (sildenafil/vardenafil) to remedy erectile dysfunction hassle amongst guys

in terms of erectile dysfunction, guys ought to always cope with the utmost care of the problem. It’s miles taken into consideration to be the maximum deadly sexual problem which can take region at any age and subsequently need treatment while diagnosed. What’s ed is what ought to be regarded so that the remedy may be taken, therefore? Men ought to be concerned about anything as there may be a remedy made possible to it. 


A few precautions need to be taken in thoughts, consisting of the case with silvitra 120mg. Make sure when you devour the medication you are not allergic to the respective medication (sildenafil or vardenafil). 

Ensure that you consult with a physician if you are allergic to any remedy or in case you use any other remedy related to health troubles. There may be many side results attained after consumption so if so call off the health practitioner to take the necessary remedy. Keep away from an unhealthy lifestyle, like that of if you are ingesting alcohol, or smoking, and keep away from fatty oil meals,

when men will contend with the same then there are fewer probabilities to come across ed. There are many possibilities to come across ed as men do now not contend with their lifestyle. 


Ensure no longer to be on alcohol because it will hurt the fitness and additionally the mechanism of the drugs. Do not use pills containing nitrates as it can bog down the pill’s reaction. Make sure to comply with the caution in order that there aren’t any extra consequences that can 

avoid life.


Q.1 Where do you put medicine in your home?

 Keep your medicines in a cool, dry area. As an example, save it in your cloth wardrobe drawer or a kitchen cabinet far away from the stove, sink, and any hot home equipment. You could also keep the medicinal drug in a garbage container, on a shelf, or in a closet. 

Q. 2 Am I able to purchase medication online?

 There may be no restriction to the forms of products you can purchase online. You could even buy the prescription medicinal drug over the net. Ordering your prescription online does offer some degree of ease because the medicine is delivered to your house. But, this convenience can come at a fee.


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