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What is Vilitra 20 mg?

Order to avail five Compounds will increase gas within the body, which will increase blood flow in sexual organ blood vessels. Vilitra 20 mg pills mg may be an artificial version of vardenafil, a PDE5 receptor. The medication is assessed below urological medications.

The medication relaxes the muscles that facilitate

In prolonged erection throughout sexual stimulation. Vilitra 20 mg may be a temporary resolution for sexual-related diseases factory-made by warrior Remedies. The arteries within the sexual organ area unit widened, which eases the blood flow creating the erectile organ erect. 

Vilitra 20 mg  treats in the main these diseases:


Erectile pathology

How ought to Vilitra Be Taken?

  • Vilitra 20 mg is associate oral drugs that comes in pill type.
  • It is best to consume it orally with a glass of water.
  • The doctor ought to visit the medication doses and period, and it ought to be consumed solely once the doctor’s consultation.
  • It ought to be enveloped while not breaking or manduction the medication.
  • The medicine effects for up to five hours, therefore it shouldn’t be consumed 4-5 hours before sexual activities, because the result fades away slowly.
  • Vilitra is loving or while not food, however it’s suggested to avoid spicy foods.

 Vilitra dose 

  • The medicine ought to be taken 30-40 minutes before sexual activities.
  • The doctor recommends the Vilitra doses in keeping with the severity of the condition.
  • There ought to be a minimum gap of 20-24 hours between 2 doses.

Side Effects

Some of the common aspect effects of Vilitra 20 mg which will fade out with time are:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Eye pain
  • Chills
  • Blurred vision
  • Drowsiness
  •  you ought to forthwith consult the doctor if you face serious aspect effects that embrace loss of vision and hearing, Palpitations, problem in respiratory, Priapism, or back pain.


The dose shouldn’t be enlarged or shriveled while not the doctor’s consultation.

Alcohol and fruit juice consumption shall be strictly avoided because of their property interacting with the medication.

It is not meant for consumption by girls and adolescents.

Avoid taking drugs if you’ve got cardiopathy, urinary organ problems, allergic conditions, or akin conditions.


Before you are taking the Vilitra 20, timetable a session together with your physician. The physician can behavior a check to decide the underlying purpose of your erectile dysfunction. For the ones who’ve blood strain or laid low with cardiovascular disease, it’s miles nice to tell your physician approximately it. You must keep away from taking the drug with grapefruits or any meals that have excessive alcohol content material as those meals ought to decorate the drug’s aspect effects. But earlier than deciding to prevent taking the drug, it’s miles nice to speak to your physician approximately it.

Consumer Information
  • If your sexual issues will now no longer leave after taking the drug for some time, it’s miles nice to speak with your physician. Also, when you have observed that your signs are becoming worse as an alternative to having better, you must right now prevent taking the medicine and speak to your physician proper away.
  • Avoid sharing the medicine with different human beings and do now no longer take the medicine of different human beings, although the ones are meant for the remedy of Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Some of the medicine may also include hints which are meant for every other affected person and are now no longer for you.
  • Always test with a pharmacist in case you aren’t positive approximately the right manner of taking the drug. You also can speak to your physician or fitness care issuer to discover if the drug will be just right for you or now no longer.
  • If you ended up overdosing on the drug, you must right now get in contact together along with your nearby poison management center. Seek clinical remedy proper away. Make positive you tell them of the entirety that happened. Tell them how a great deal you ended up taking, whilst you took the medicine, etc. In that manner, they can devise the right remedy plan for you.
How to Store and Dispose of Vitara 20 mg 
  • The drug ought to be saved at room temperature.
  • It ought to be saved far from sunlight.
  • Do now no longer shop withinside the toilet and different regions with excessive moisture.
  • Make positive to shop it in a dry region.
  • Store the medication in a secure region at any respect time. Keep them out of children’s reach. They ought to be saved far from pets as well.
  • Any unused or expired capsules ought to be disposed of properly. Never flush the medication in a lavatory or pour it into the drain.
  • Consult your pharmacist for greater recommendations at the right disposal of the medication.
  • Check if there’s a drug take-lower-back software in your area. If there’s, then take away the medication thru them.


Q.1)Who needs the Vilitra 20 mg ?

The men who have erectile dysfunction or Impotence shall take medicine.

Q.2)How long does Vilitra 20 mg  remain effective?

The effect of Vilitra 20 mg lasts up to 5-6 hours.

Q.3)When does Vilitra 20 mg  work?

Vilitra 20 works only during sexual stimulation; otherwise, it won’t affect you.

Q.4)How long does Vilitra 20 mg  take to work?

It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour to effect before the beginning of any sexual activity.

Q.5) Is it safe to consume Vilitra 20 mg ?

It is safe if you don’t have any other severe medical conditions. The impact of Vilitra 20 mg is temporary for a healthy erection.

Q.6)Is vardenafil any good?

Vardenafil is a powerful and enormously selective oral PDE5 inhibitor. It is powerful and normally nicely tolerated in guys with moderate to intense ED of various etiology, in addition to in guys with ED related to diabetes mellitus or ED after radical prostatectomy.


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